About the founder

Babak Ahdenjad was born in 1981 in Ardabil, a Turkish-speaking region in the north of Iran. At the age of 4, he had immigrated to Tehran due to his family’s decision and till 2019 was a resident of Tehran, the capital of Iran. He had migrated to the city of Baku since middle of 2019. He had established “United Intelligent Of Trust” company, which is abbreviated as “UIOT”

From his past experiences in the field of textile trade and knowledge of marketing, negotiation principles, market development, human resource management and also familiarity with the main and fundamental concepts in the computer that he has, used it in cooperation with a company that had created the Infinity platform in Iran, and had decided to exit the Iranian market and develop his attitude in consulting various businesses and familiarizing them with the IOT subject.

He had understood the importance of the fourth industrial revolution and observed that in ancient work systems, the desire to change, transform and renew is always facing many problems. Having evaluated carefully, he had decided to create a different method of  coach and guidance that any economic activities  equipped with integrated systems using  artificial intelligence. The main question is  about the implementation method and the type of software, which I will explain below. 

Our ecosystem

The software platform of UIOT company, in the first step, will not have a surprising and stunning issue for its audience or even the market and competitors. It is very naive and a dream to wait for the appearance of the exciting, extraordinary and special platform of this company in 2023. This collection, using all its power, is making a simple but functional application.Flow chart analysis specialists and Specialists of this collection had decided to turn the use of IOT from a scary phenomenon into a reliable friend and companion with all their seriousness towards their commitment. The team of experts of UIOT company, by separating and segmenting human needs in order to monitor any commercial or industrial system, first had predicted and then designed the first layer of this software.

In the second stage, they had analyzed the accessible points to control the same system and controllability and  made possible the command mechanism for the equipment. In the third stage, the platform will provide the main part of its capability by having the information from the first stage and mastering and accessing the control of the equipment, which is the micro and macro management of any ecosystem. The next  is the machine training stage, which leads to better performance, higher efficiency, lower cost, continuity and survival of that ecosystem without human intervention.

An application whose name has not yet been revealed to you, soon will build a better world for the growth of all industries and businesses.As once it was not easy to work with software, today people can easily enjoy the world of software. We at UIOTT  have decided to turn the internet from a scary giant into a friend or even a member of the business community with a beautiful and friendly appearance and definitely reliable to accompany  to use.