Our Team

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Babak Fard

Founder and Director

Asad Muhammadzadeh

Project Manager

Aytakin Poladova

Office Manager

Rovshan Mammadov

Head of Sales

Pari Mammedova

Visual Designer

Ulkar Mammadova


Fatima Hajiyeva


Behruz Mammadzadeh

Business Analysts

Shiva Rostami


Khayal Heydarov

Electrical Technician

Our team


In UIOT, regarding the definition of the word “team” we presented another type of definition. If we talk about the globalization of any business, we must first break the previous fences that were in the traditional definitions and implement the new generation of teamwork, which we believe in.

This theory was proposed by the opinion of the founder of this collection, Babak Fard, who faced many objections at first.  Using the win-win method, the meaning of this ideology was revealed in the working context of the company group. This type of group work has no dead ends and has infinite flexibility for development. Knowing the importance of this issue was necessary before any explanation to introduce you to the UiOt method. Then i will present the details of the team.


According to our goals and plans, the team should have two levels of business experts and technical experts which are categorized by the following tendencies:

Business group

1-1 financial experts
1-2 legal experts
1-3 business development and expansion experts
1-4 commercial and industrial psychologists
1-5 Business Analysts
1-6 strategists
1-7 coaches

Technical group

2-1 Algorithm and software infrastructure specialists
2-2 software expert group
2-2-1 network and related equipment specialist
2-3 industrial experts
2-4 electronics specialist
2-5 electrotechnical specialist
2-6 agricultural industry experts
2-6 mechanical specialist
2-7 food industry experts
2-8 experts in the ventilation industry
2-9 groups of graphic specialists and its subsets
2-10 construction experts